The Conference Group Offers Vidyo HD Video Conferencing to the Channel!

Provide Your Customers These

Great Features:

Pin Protected Meeting Rooms

Lock and restrict access to your video conference virtual room
with Vidyo’s Pin Protection feature. Pins can be set and reset
by the Host at anytime.

Active Speaker Recognition

Vidyo’s revolutionary conferencing platform uses voice
recognition technology to highlight the speaking participant.

HD Video Quality

Experience true HD streaming video quality without breaking
your budget. Vidyo’s streams are clear, clean and presice.

Screen Sharing

Participants can view/share your desktop and screen with
Vidyo’s advance screen sharing features.

Reservationless Audio Conferencing

Start a meeting anytime you want! There is no prior
scheduling required to get your video and/or audio conference
started. The controls are in your hands.

Benefits to the Agent:
– Competitive buy rates

– Set your own rates

– Set your own commissions

Caroline T. Rogers

Channel Manager

(877) 716-8255 ext. 78253

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