VoIP Providers Highlighted via VoIP-catalog.com

By Michelle Amodio, TMCnet Contributor
In the wide-open technology landscape, VoIP has become quite a household name. It’s hard not to search the Internet without coming up with a list of reasons to switch to VoIP; with its many benefits, it’s an attractive option that many businesses have switched over to.
The growing adoption of VoIP makes it easier for companies to employ more features in their phone systems. The increasing recognition of the need for efficiency with lower costs within an organization is an influence that’s helping to drive the acceptance of VoIP in the business world.

VoIP comes in many variations, but where does a reseller start when it comes to choosing a wholesale solution? VoIP-catalog.com compiled a list of the most affordable wholesale VoIP providers to give readers a better understanding of who offers what, at what price, and with what features.

Highlighted in the top spot is wholesale VoIP provider VoIP Innovations (News -Alert), a company which touts its offerings of a business class Wholesale VoIP Network that is designed to provide high performance and scalability at a low unit cost. The company offers an entry-level program that will allow budding business people to take advantage of the VoIP market. Its VoIP Innovations’ Titanium III Private Label service gives resellers the ability to benefit from on VoIP’s thriving industry, allowing resellers to brand, market and sell VoIP to residents and businesses as if they were selling their own.

Features include SMS, E-911, fax-to-email, email-to-fax, 411 directory assistance, call forwarding, call conferencing, just to name a few.

As the demand for VoIP services increases, it has created quite a competitive landscape for VoIP sellers, IP phone makers and VoIP resellers. The benefits of being a VoIP agent or reseller include minimal capital outlay, allowing resellers and agents to begin the process of selling VoIP to customers sooner rather than later without major risk of financial uncertainty.