Global multicarrier access with MetTel. Connectivity for all IoT initiatives.

According to Transforma Insights there will be over 25B connected devices by 2030.
85% of companies surveyed by Microsoft reported they have at least one Industrial Internet of Things use case.
MetTel’s exclusive Single SIM ensures your customers have connectivity everywhere they are.
MetTel’s IoT Single SIM intelligently roams to find the best mobile signal in any location, ensuring the best possible connectivity around the world.
Poor connectivity causes major issues for business. Network lag and latency creates:
–   Security and safety risks
–   Slow response times
–   Degraded end user experience
With over 650+ carriers and roaming agreements in 165+ countries, MetTel provides a simple and easy global, multi-network solution. Your customers can now:
Securely collect and host operational data from connected vehicles, assets and mobile workers.
Reduce their operating costs with fuel, labor, equipment maintenance and insurance/accident/damage measurement.
Utilize video with AI for work monitoring.
Transmit messaging, electronic forms and access information in real-time.
Monitor asset & equipment utilization and perform maintenance.
Access location-based services, field deployment, job dispatch and notifications, in-vehicle dashboard reporting.
All of this, with significant cost savings based on one globally integrated, managed solution. Improved security compared to using multiple SIMs with flexible pricing models and 24/7/365 award-winning customer care.
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With eSIM, MetTel can provision multiple carriers on a single device and discuss how 5G networks will provide ultra-reliable low latency communications to critical applications and real-time mobile delivery of data.
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