Event Details


This November 17th and 18th, Sandler Partners is digitally holding the Sandler Partners Summit 2020, the biggest Summit to date with thirty total sessions. This is going to be an informative, concentrated two-day event featuring tech panels on the latest and greatest solutions, workshops on business strategy and personal development, and sessions that will teach you how to grow your business.

Sandler Partners has been doing virtual events all year and is excited to continue to add value to your online learning experience. On top of that, because this year’s Summit is going virtual, attendance is opened up to a broader audience so more people can attend than ever.

Top-selling Partners tell Sandler Partners that Summits are critical to their success, and this one will be no different. After a recent Sandler online event, one Partner shared their positive experience, “Thank you for these invaluable trainings. They absolutely matter; there are far too many options out there for any one company to research and compare, which is why I think we as agents and Sandler Partners as a master agent are so vital today.”

For those of you that have attended Sandler events in the past, you know that you’ll have the chance to broaden your network, connect virtually with partners across the country, and talk one-on-one with leading providers. You also know that no one leaves empty-handed. Hundreds of attendees will walk away with customized Lens & Frame Co. blue-light blocking glasses, a Series 6 Apple Watch, and ultra-high-end raffle prize opportunities.

Sandler Partners Summit 2020 will be a great opportunity to learn how to thrive in this remote era and expand your sales horizons.